Nukta X Hamza Bokhari SS '21

Nukta X Hamza Bokhari SS '21

Get ready to make a statement this summer with NUKTA x HAMZA BOKHARI S/S 2021 Collection.

With this collection, Nukta aims to bring Bokhari's chic runway sensibility to you at streetwear prices. Hamza Bokhari has seamlessly infused his signature high-fashion menswear aesthetic with Nukta's streetwear apparel and created pieces that are comfortable to wear and easy to style for unique summer looks. 


Bokhari has drawn inspiration from the unforgettable 90s that gave birth to the modern-era pop culture that still resonates through the early decades of the 21st century. It was a decade that infused a longing for multiculturalism, fuelled by greater connectivity through dial-up internet. 

The 90s also saw the advent of some iconic movements, including hip-hop, the rave scene, and psychedelic art. These movements spread like wildfire among young people and empowered a whole generation. It also translated into the fashion trends that emerged during the 90s. Young people everywhere started wearing more casual styles including baggy/distressed jeans, cargo pants, oversized shirts, and loose-fit tees. These clothes also had one common theme: bold graphics that made a loud statement. 



We wanted to revive these trends as we see the bombastic energy of the 90s reflected in the highly-individualistic and phenomenally-energetic Gen Z youth. We have created pieces that are sustainably-made, fun to wear, and allow you to show your stylistic individuality to the world.  


We have 30+ pieces in this collection, all inspired by the psychedelic-era that is the 90s. Each piece has a deeper meaning than what you see, only if you observe carefully. The graphics are big and bold, placed on high-quality fabrics that provide long-lasting durability and matchless comfort. 

At Nukta, we believe in being responsible for the way we procure our fabrics and utilize human resource. Almost all of our clothes are made with leftover fabric to minimize waste.